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The TicketNetwork Point-of-Sale ticket broker software is the flagship product of the company's Indux software solutions. The Point-of-Sale ticket broker software application automatically connects to the TicketNetwork Exchange, a live database that hosts event inventory from over 75,000 events, and displays across thousands of websites receiving millions of unique visitors per month. By listing your inventory on the TicketNetwork Exchange, your event ticket inventory receives the broadest online exposure, thus making your business more attractive for potential customers.

In an age where customers demand customizability and real-time processing features, TicketNetwork Point-of-Sale™ ticket broker software delivers on that very promise. Our signature software, TicketNetwork Point-of-Sale™ ticket broker software was exclusively designed with brokers in mind, providing custom-tailored features for their business needs with real time applications for speed and lightning efficiency. With its top-of-the-line advanced features and seamless integration with the TicketNetwork online exchange, our Point-of-Sale™ ticket broker software software stands as the leading comprehensive software suite in the ticketing industry.

TicketNetwork Point-of-Sale™ ticket broker software offers complete and streamlined management to buy and sell ticket inventory in real time. Its easy-to-use applications enable:
  • Real-time credit card processing, verification, and authorization with PC Charge;
  • Seamless integration with most merchant banks;
  • Integrated shipping and tracking services with significant discounts;
  • Information management to maintain direct customer relationships

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